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A better way to learn nursing.

Nurclex gives you the momentum you need to study and pass the NCLEX® the first time. 

Our sole mission is simple. We prepare nursing students to pass the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® exam on the first attempt.

We believe all students should get the help they need and not have to struggle. So we offer a resourceful team at affordable prices.

Instead of wasting hours searching through countless books, watching endless videos, and feeling lost in class. . Nurclex brings everything you need for success as a nursing student under one roof.

Why Are We The Best?

  • We differentiate from other providers of NCLEX exam preparation as our organization is focused solely in supporting students with the nursing exam since the inception in 2015.

  • We have devoted significant time in creating and updating content for the new NCLEX exam based on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Standards. Our curriculum and course content has been reviewed and approved.

  • Our commitment is to our students with ensuring satisfaction and a passing score on the NCLEX exam. Our tutors will work with respect, honesty, and patience to make your experience in passing NCLEX exam the best. 

  • Our team continues to research on all exams and keeps courses updated with all content information. We are closely connected with the exam providers to keep track of changes and ensure we are providing the right content. Not only are our exam questions updated with the most recent content knowledge, but we also conduct research on test taking techniques related to the exam. 

  • We have countless live online tutoring sessions under our belt. Our students tell us how they perform on the exam and we have a successful track record in helping students pass NCLEX exams. ​​


98.2% pass rate. Proven results.


Nurclex's NCLEX® Review is updated to the current NCSBN test plan and is all you need to prepare!